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Pre-sale Inspection preparation

Taking a few simple steps will help to ensure your building inspection goes as smoothly as possible. Cleaning this is a simple and basic measure that can indicate how well the property has been maintained.


It’s important to provide complete access to the inspector so that all floors, walls and ceilings are visible and accessible. Minimise obstructions by sorting and tidying objects, moving heavy furniture away from walls, moving vehicles out of garages and generally making sure the property is as accessible as possible.

Be on time because the inspector will be

Our inspections take us across the Wide Bay so being on time is paramount to making sure we reach all our customers. Don’t ever expect us to be late. It’s more likely that we will be early!

Access to roof space, sub-floor and garage

Roof space, sub-floor and garage should always be included in an inspection so make sure the inspector has access to these areas. Leave the remote control or key for your garage if it does not have internal access from the house. Also provide keys for any out buildings and the electricity box if it has a lock.

Provide plans if possible

If you have the plans of any extensions or council approvals available please provide copies of these too.

Once presented to the potential buyers we are more than willing to answer their concerns with the purchase of your property and find resolutions if there is any exist.

Organise a pre-sale Inspection with us by free calling 1800 466 456 or emailing us or please make an online booking.

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