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Timber Pest Inspections & Termite Inspections

Pest Inspections are just as detailed and important as our Building Inspections. We report on pest problems within the dwelling and home site, the presence of fungi as well as any wood decay due to leaks. We offer advice on items that may develop into timber pest issues in the future. Our team checks all visually accessible timber for termite infestations and spot any risk that buildings may have of future infestations.

Timber pests and termite ingress is common in structures which have:

  • High moisture areas
  • Not enough ventilation in a sub floor area
  • Timbers unsuitable for the environment in which they have been placed
  • Faulty and bridged termite barriers.
  • Brick veneer structures.
  • Unmanaged termite barrier barriers
  • Showers which are leaking

The timber pest and termite reports point out to future and current problems but they will also inform you of any previous issues which have or have not caused structural damage. Regardless of what condition the dwelling is in, or the qualified inspectors won’t miss a thing, ensuring every notable change in the structure is detailed.

Non-invasive techniques we use to discover the termites within a building are;

Termatraca radar movement detector which locates termites within walls and under carpets.

Moisture MetersMoisture content detector detects moisture in walls which termites could be attracted to.

Thermal Imaging CamerasOperated to locate the termites and termite workings heat signature within a dwelling.

Thermal Imaging Camera

We use the latest in termite inspection technologies the Flir E-8 infrared camera. Thermal imaging cameras have an impressive resolution so you are getting the best temperature readings to help find and locate termite ingress to the buildings.

The FLIR camera makes early detects only minor temperature changes. The timber pest inspectors are fully trained to use of the FLIR e8 and to interpret this top of the range piece of equipment to ensure that they picked up on all potential termite problems within a home.

All timber pest, termite inspection and pest control requirements catered for.

Our Licence

  • Queensland Health Pest management Technician Licence PMT-O-12670

Organise a Timber Pest Inspections and termite inspections with us by free calling 1800 466 456 or emailing us or make an online booking.

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