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Termites are rampant in Queensland with Gladstone and central Queensland are being no exception. These little critters, sometimes called white ants, love to munch on wood and can cause extensive damage to buildings in a surprisingly short amount of time. Buildings that have wooden frames are particularly vulnerable since termite infestation can soon mean structural damage.

For these reasons it’s important to get a Pest Inspection before you purchase a property. Our pest inspection report will alert you to any current or past infestations. All Pest and Termite Eradication can then offer termite eradication, prevention, treatment and rectification works as required. Don’t get caught out! Call us today for a quote.


View the Material Safety Data Sheets here.

Our inspection equipment:

  • Termatrac–  a non-invasive device that uses radar technology to allow the detection and tracking of termites through plasterboard, brick, concrete and other common building materials.
  • Bore n Scope– allows us to see inside wall cavities where termites could be lurking
  • Thermal Imaging Camera - Thermal Imaging Cameras are able to identify areas heavily affected by subterranean termite species through variations in surface temperature.
  • Moisture Meter – moisture is another indicator of termite infestation since termites are almost 100% moisture so this tool can be useful for detection.
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras - Operated to locate the termites and termite workings heat signature within a dwelling.

Termite Management Systems

  • ALTIS reticulation
  • Homeguard
  • Frisbee
  • Chemical Barriers
  • FMC
  • Termidor
  • Biflex

Our Licence:

Queensland Health Pest management Technician Licence PMT-O-12670

To find out how best to protect your property free call us on 1800 466 456 or email us.

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